The Bacon Number: Connecting Hollywood Stars with Bacon

The Bacon Number: Connecting Hollywood Stars with Bacon 

In the vast world of Hollywood, there exists a peculiar phenomenon called the “Bacon Number.” This unique concept connects actors and actresses to the legendary Kevin Bacon through a series of co-starring roles in films. While it may seem trivial at first, the Bacon Number has become a fascinating way to gauge an actor’s Hollywood connections and their degree of separation from the iconic bacon-loving actor himself.

How Does the Bacon Number Work?

The Bacon Number is based on the concept of the “Six Degrees of Separation,” which suggests that any two people on Earth are connected by no more than six intermediaries. In the case of the Bacon Number, the goal is to determine the number of links between an actor and Kevin Bacon.

For example, an actor who has co-starred in a film with Kevin Bacon would have a Bacon Number of 1. If an actor has never worked with Bacon but has appeared in a film with someone who did, their Bacon Number would be 2. The chain continues, connecting actors through their co-stars until they are linked to Kevin Bacon.

Bacon Number: A Pop Culture Fascination

The Bacon Number has gained significant popularity in recent years, becoming a fascinating topic of discussion among film enthusiasts and trivia lovers. Numerous websites and online tools have been developed solely to calculate and determine a celebrity’s Bacon Number.

It is no longer just a measure of Hollywood connections; the Bacon Number has become a pop culture fascination. It has expanded beyond the realm of actors to include politicians, musicians, athletes, and even fictional characters. The quest to find the Bacon Number of various personalities has become a delightful and addictive game for many.

Bacon Number: Kim Kardashian’s Unexpected Connection

One of the most surprising Bacon Numbers belongs to the reality TV star and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian. Despite not being primarily associated with the world of acting, Kardashian holds a Bacon Number of 2. This means she is just two degrees of separation away from Kevin Bacon himself.

Kardashian’s connection to Bacon is through her appearance in the 2008 film “Disaster Movie,” which features Carmen Electra. Electra, in turn, starred alongside Kevin Bacon in the 2006 film “The Big Picture.” Through these two intermediaries, Kardashian’s Bacon Number is established.

The Significance of the Bacon Number

While the Bacon Number may seem frivolous, it highlights the interconnectedness of the entertainment industry. It demonstrates how actors from various backgrounds and genres are all tied together through a web of collaborations and shared experiences.

Additionally, the Bacon Number has become a measure of an actor’s relevance and influence within the industry. A low Bacon Number indicates that an actor has worked with a wide range of influential individuals, showcasing their versatility and ability to navigate the complex world of Hollywood.


The Bacon Number, born from the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, has become a captivating phenomenon in the world of entertainment. It allows us to explore the interconnectedness of Hollywood stars and appreciate the vast web of collaborations that transcend genres and backgrounds.

Even unexpected figures like Kim Kardashian can be linked to Kevin Bacon, displaying the surprising connections that exist within the entertainment industry. So next time you watch a film, take a moment to ponder its Bacon Number, and you may find yourself embarking on an intriguing journey through Hollywood’s vast landscape.

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